Fast Reliable Visual Deterrent Farm Orchard Protector


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Prevents birds setting up home in carports and boat docks, or feasting on fruit trees! Protect stucco, sidings, cars, boats and gardens from nesting, corrosive bird droppings and other forms of bird damage.
These scare-eye balloons can float in the water like a floating scarecrow to scare birds away and keep wild ducks and geese out of your swimming pool and yard.
Made of the toughest, most tear-resistant, and weatherproof plastic, our scary eyes balloon can withstand all kinds of extreme weather.
Simply inflate and hang repeller on tree branches or any area you want to protect with access to wind and light. The combination of reflective predator eyes, ribbon, bright colors and wind movement intimidates and repels birds.
Our bird repellent balloons are 100% non-toxic, wildlife friendly and completely harmless to birds

Scope of application:
Transmission pole towers, towers, substations, farms, orchards, fish ponds, warehouses, large workshops, food processing plants, airports and ancient building protection and other places.

Material: PVC
Color: Orange
Size:Inflatable Diameter: 60cm/23.62″

Package includes:

1 x Eye Balloons

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Repellent Type

Ultrasonic Pest Repellers

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