Adjustable Water Self-Watering Device


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Material: PPSize: about 8*3.5*25.5cm/3.15*1.38*10.04in


1.Flow control design, plant watering device with control valve can control the drop rate of 0~60S/1 drop, slow release drop for 1-15 days, flow control, you can go from big to small, no dangerous drilling or problems, just in the right bottle.

2. Easy to use, without any cumbersome installation, all you need is to drill the bottle at the bottom or cut it.

3. the right amount of water, to provide a lot of water to different plants and flowers, will not become a plant killer, nor will it be too little or too much water.

4. Using a switch to control the flow of water, the flow rate can be manually controlled to maintain the required
amount of water.

5. Enjoy your vacation with your family. It can water plants for your vegetables, indoor and outdoor gardens, water plants daily, potted plants, home plants, herbs, garden plants, hanging baskets, desk basins, hanging plants, small trees, shrubs.

Package List:
Option one:18 X Automatic watering device(Blue/Green/Random color)
Option two:12 X Automatic watering device(Blue/Green/Random color)
Option three: 6 X Automatic watering device(Blue/Green/Random color)
Option four: 3 X Automatic watering device(Random color)


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