2 Styles Acrylic Soap Cutter


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2 Styles Acrylic Soap Cutter

product  size      CM

Soap weight       g

Mold weight      g

Mold color          random

Working temperature    -40C to 220C

  1. Wash before the first use. Please soak the mold in diluted cleaning liquid for 10-30 minutes. Use the soft sponge or soft cloth to clean. Do not use hard objects to avoid scratching and damaging the mold.
  2. Dry it in the air.
  3. Filled the melted soap or chocolate into the mold.
  4. Waiting for cooling (you can put it into the refrigerator for quick cooling).
  5. Take out the product from the mold.
  6. Usually, the mold work temperature is -40–230 degrees centigrade. Too high temperature or wrong using ways will damage the mold or shorten the mold using time.

PRZY Mold is a leading firm specializing in providing comprehensive silicone mold solutions. We are one of the few companies that integrate its state-of-state R&D, manufacturing, and marketing. Formed in 2012, it has become one of the largest silicone mold manufacturers in China. We continually strive to help our partners in over 50 countries to reach their creative and business goals, providing comprehensive solutions to soap molds, candle molds, chocolate, and baking molds making.

We hold multiple patents and registered trademark PRZY. Our art department and production line technicians have more than a decade of experience in offering high-quality products to clients from various industries, also expertise in localization and rapid prototyping. We provide custom-mold service according to customers’ ideas or concepts.

Our corporate devotes itself to the sustainable development of the planet. Our vision is to deliver projects that by their nature define what it means to be sustainable in terms of economic, social, and environmental outcomes. And we recognize that improving the efficient use of resources and mitigating environmental impacts are important aspects of becoming more sustainable. We implement the principles of creativity, dedication, harmony into the system of the product life-cycle management, your satisfaction and happiness are our motivation to deliver the perfect services.

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